Limit switches

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The rotary limit switch is a device which allows you to control the movement of industrial and building machines. The shaft is connected to the motor, so that, after a certain number of turns, the cams make the switches work, and then they can carry out their pre-set manoeuvre. The range of FCN rotary limit switches has been planned with a particular internal symmetry that allows you to have a series of 5 microswitches (on-off exits) as well as some other linear exits, and a potentiometer in the same box. The innovative and thorough regulation of the cams allows you to set the microswitches working point linearly and micrometrically. Reduction ratios range turns out to be remarkably large, since microswitches can be fitted with guaranteed opening (EN 60947-5-1) as well as deviation or progressive double opening contacts. The choice of different cam profiles allows you to modify the limit switches function diagram.

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