Coil Tongs

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Since its foundation in 1989, our company has grown to a specialised global enterprise dedicated to the develop- ment, design and production of customised load sus- pension equipment. at our company site in schenefeld/ hamburg we produce today tongs, grabs, crossheads and tilting fixtures which are used successfully in many industries. nordgreif is your proven partner also for the mandatory annual inspection of load suspension equip- ment and for all service, maintenance and repair work.
Since 2011 the company operates once again under the name nordgreif gmbh. We are offering all services un- der one roof. starting from competent initial consultancy through design, material procurement, production, world- wide delivery and on-site installation support up to start- up and training, all tasks are performed by our technically trained team.

Thanks to our capability to do any critical production step on our own, we are able to always act flexibly, prompt- ly and professionally. all work is performed in close co- operation and consultation with the customer. approval drawings or released production documents are jointly agreed to guarantee utmost transparency and safety.
Compliance with the highest quality and safety standards in batch and series production are always a matter of course at nordgreif. this is also ensured through our own quality inspection across the entire process and manuf- acturing chain.
All load suspension equipment is designed and documen- ted in accordance with the safety regulations of bgr 500 and din en 13155. in the process, risk assessments in accordance with din en iso 12100 are also considered. design and strength calculations are done according to din 15018 (din en 13001-3-1 in the future). Welding is carried out by certified welders. nordgreif holds the ma- nufacturer certification din 18800, class e (din en 1090 in the future).

Sales and production are organised tightly and efficiently at nordgreif. all employees possess the know-how and experience to provide best-possible advice and support to the customer. three project managers constantly ac- company the client throughout all project phases and gladly give competent assistance at all times. each pro- ject manager is supported by two experienced designers.
A detailed analysis of the customer‘s workflow and the on-site conditions is the first step to a tailor-made concept developed for your individual hoisting requirements. all de- vices are designed and constructed such that they guaran- tee the desired service life and a practice-oriented solution for you.

Today, load suspension equipment by nordgreif is dis- tributed worldwide and used successfully in almost all industries and fields. each sector has specific require- ments. We meet these specifications through customised solutions for the following sectors:
The goal is to optimise the processes and workflows. to meet that goal, nordgreif employs the entire range of pro- cess technology for the customer. the scope of delivery in- cludes tongs, crossheads, grabs and c-hooks in all forms and variants. as per your requirements, whether it be simple or highly sophisticated hoisting tasks, we develop, design and manufacture all kind of load suspension equipment. in this process, safety is our highest priority.

• Wire industry
• Steel industry
• Containers
• Crossheads
• Aluminium industry
• Automotive industry • Tongs
• Paper industry
• Special designs
• Grabs
We provide the customer with the complete technical docu- mentation - according to the currently applicable machinery directive - including final acceptance certificate, eu declara- tion of conformity, workshop test, acceptance testing pro- tocol, test log with technical drawings as well as the complete documentation of electronics, hydraulics, etc., if necessary.
Perfection in load handling“, we have chosen this slo- gan because load suspension equipment by nordgreif guarantees maximum occupational safety while handling heavy loads and at the same time ensures optimum work- flows.
Do you want to know more about our range of products? then simply request for our complete catalogue or visit our website at!


Our success is based on a team of highly qualified, regu- larly trained employees. at nordgreif each steel construc- tion worker at nordgreif has passed a welder examination. We also have specialised welding engineers and a sepa- rate documentation department. all tasks are performed according to the currently applicable standards and laws.
The latest 3d cad inventor system is used for designing and visualisation. fem (finite element method) methods are also applied to support static calculations. We work with high-performance sap solutions that ensure an effi- cient management of materials and orders. We have a network of established regional partners for carrying out work that we cannot do on our own.


We are committed to social responsibility and carry out our production in tune with the guidelines of sustainability and environmental safety.
We do not make any compromise with the quality and safety of the manufactured load suspension equipment. We rely on materials management based on lots and use only 3.1-tested primary material and ultrasound-tested metal sheets.
An important component of our philosophy is having con- trol over critical elements of the manufacturing process by the capabilitiy of doing them on our own. this makes us independent and allows us to respond flexibly to the wants and needs of our customers. for instance we have, our own cutting and welding department and paint shop as well as a specialised electric workshop and hydraulics department.


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